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Accomodation in Dubrovnik runs the gamut from backpackers and hostels to decadent sleeps in five star luxury hotels and luxury villas.

Whether you're looking for budget digs or have an expense card burning a hole in your pocket, there is a wide selection (in both price and quality) of hostels in Dubrovnik, private rooms in family homes (called 'sobes') to well appointed holiday apartments and villas for rent in Dubrovnik.

We hope you enjoy this fresh* mini-guide to some of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik.

Locally updated and revised, fresh* mini-guides are a great way to keep up to date on all the latest happenings & travel information in Croatia.


  • People are often surprised by the costs of accomodation in Dubrovnik. Although prices are not as high as you might find in Western Europe, compared to the rest of Croatia, accommodation can be quite expensive. Don't let this deter you from visiting, just be aware of it, and have realistic expectations.
  • Location. Location. Location. Dubrovnik is hilly. There are stairs everywhere. The historical Old Town is completely pedestrian and not accessible by public vehicles. If you have a disability or have a hard time with stairs, take this into consideration. Most people tend to stay in or near the Old Town (or should we say, King's Landing:). However, you can also find plenty of decent accomodation outside of town in the surrounding neighbourhoods of Ploce or Pile or further afield in Lapad.

  • Youth Hostels and Backpackers in Dubrovnik seem to be sprouting up everywhere. Whereas once, budget travelers used to rely on private rooms or 'sobes', that's definitely changed. Hostels in Dubrovnik range quite widely in quality and what they offer. Some places are just a collection of beds with no common area (a hostel in name only) while others really make the effort to make your stay a good one. If you are traveling on your own and are looking for a more social environment, just keep this in mind before you book. For more resources and a great travel reward program, check out:

  • For those of you on a tight budget, cheaper accommodation can be found outside the Old Town. Keep in mind that transport and internet (not usually included) can add to your daily costs. In the end, it may work out cheaper and much more convenient to stay in the Old Town (how often do you get the chance to stay inside a World Heritage site anyway?).
  • During the peak season (May - September), accommodation in and around the old town can become quite scarce and more expensive. If you are looking to rent an apartment in Dubrovnik, secure a room booking, or reserve a dorm bed, it is advisable to reserve in advance. Hostels also have a tendency to get booked fast.

  • Outside of the peak season, prices in private rooms can often be cheaper. You can try to negotiate your stay upfront. Note: As of 2013, this may change as the government is cracking down on illegal accommodation and enforcing tougher tax laws and inspections. At any rate, it's always worth a try.

  • A 'ten minute walk' or something 'close' to the old town is often doublespeak for 'way the hell out'. This applies especially to the touts that gather around the bus stops and ferry terminal. Although it can get a bit overwhelming (especially after a long trip), try to be patient as most of these people are just working hard for a living. But be sure to get them to point out their place on a map unless you feel like taking buses into town. During the summer, local buses can be almost unbearable.

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite places to stay in Dubrovnik.

fresh* sheets Fresh* Sheets Hostel Dubrovnik Old Town
If you are looking for a hostel in Old Town Dubrovnik, Fresh* Sheets is one of your best choices. Newly renovated in 2013 and voted the Third Best Seasonal Hostel in the World by, Fresh* Sheets offers clean 4 and 6 bed dorms in character rooms. Your stay includes: free breakfast, internet access and wi-fi, book exchange, and a cosy common area. Fresh* Sheets Hostel is just seconds away from a famous cliff-side bar and a jewel of a swimming hole. All shops, bars, and restaurants are also easily accessible.

type: hostel / backpackers
location: Svetog Simuna 15, Dubrovnik, 20000
sleeps: 4-6 people per dorm
cost: @28-38 euro/per person/night
transport: private transportation available on request

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Apartment Carmel (old town, Dubrovnik)
Located in the heart of the old town, this popular one bedroom apartment offers all the amenities including: full kitchen, air conditioning, satellite TV, washing machine and wireless internet access. Beautifully renovated and maintained. Perfect for a romantic getaway.

type: high end apartment
location: heart of old town, Dubrovnik
sleeps: 2 people
cost: @120 euro/night (discount for long-term stays)
transport: private transportation to apartment on request

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carmel_02 carmel_03 carmel_04


Apartmani Butigan (lapad, Dubrovnik)
Located in a the Batala area of Lapad peninsula, you couldn't stay with a nicer family. The Butigan's offer guests two newly renovated one bedroom apartments containing a king size bed or two twin beds (extra beds are available if required). Amenities include: kitchen, air conditioning, satellite TV, laundry service, parking, and garden with terrace. Perfect for families.

type: 3* apartment
location: lapad, Dubrovnik
sleeps: 1-6 people
cost: 65 euro/night (discount for long-term stays)
transport: private transportation to apartment on request

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butigan_02 butigan_03 butigan_04

  Dubrovnik Apartment Source
Professionally operated by a lovely young American family, this site provides a wide selection of hand-picked accomodation for all budgets and group sizes.

type: apartments and villas
location: Dubrovnik
sleeps: 2+
cost: varies

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Vesna's Cottage (Lapad, Dubrovnik)
Located in Lapad (15 min from the old town of Dubrovnik), Vesna's Cottage offers a quaint countryside experience in the middle of the city. Surrounded by a 500 sqm walled garden, this lovely well designed cottage is perfect for families. Pets are very welcome. Includes: full kitchen, air conditioning.

type: character cottage
location: Lapad, Dubrovnik (10min from Old Town)
sleeps: 4 people
cost: 840 euro/week
transport: private transportation to apartment on request

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vesnacottage_01 vesnacottage_02 vesnacottage_03



Youth Hostel (Dubrovnik)
If you don't get snagged by the wily old lady offering rooms just before the entrance of the youth hostel, you'll find yourself at what can be described as the only 'official' hostel in Dubrovnik. A fifteen to twenty-five minute hike to the old town.

type: budget youth hostel
location: Vinka Sagrestana 3, Lapad, Dubrovnik
tel: +385 (0)20 423 241
cost: $$


Anka Markunovic (old town, Dubrovnik)
Hard-working lady who meets almost every bus even during the off-season. Her rooms are clean and have en-suite bathrooms. Prices vary according to season.

type: mid-range rooms
location: Antuninska 10, old town, Dubrovnik
cost: $$$

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If you know of any good places to stay in Dubrovnik or would like us to consider adding you to the list, please e-mail us at:



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